2018 Pre-Conference


EDE is Canada’s premier Point-of-Care ultrasound course, and is fully endorsed by the Canadian Point-of-Care Ultrasound Society (CPOCUS). Graduates can therefore enter the CPOCUS certification pathway. EDE now INCLUDES the Thoracic Applications mandated by CPOCUS for their CORE certification.


The EDE 2 Course is aimed at the advanced point-of-care ultrasound user. You should only take EDE 2 if you have taken a basic course and use ultrasound on a regular basis. CEUS Independent Practitioner status is not required but it is preferred.


ACLS is designed to help health care providers learn the necessary skills to provide evidence-based care to patients in cardiac arrest or other life-threatening situations. This course reinforces use of appropriate basic life support and CPR, and then extends skills to advanced interventions.


The AIME course has been providing valued and practical hands-on airway management learning experiences for clinicians around the world for over 15 years. AIME educators are experienced (and entertaining) clinical instructors who understand the varied work environments of practicing clinicians.


HIC is an intense, one day program focused explicitly on advanced vascular access & the management of critically ill, hypotensive patients. Interactive by design, HIC consists of a combination of lectures and small group, hands on sessions using simulation mannequins.


CASTED: Emergency is the 'hands-on' ED orthopedics course specifically designed for ED physicians and staff.