Tuesday, May 3rd

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016 (subject to change without notice)


Registration, Continental Breakfast & Exhibit Viewing


Morning Plenary




You Rarely Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Eric Letovsky

Pain, Compassion, Addiction, Malingering: How to Use Opioids (and not use opioids) in the ED

Reuben Strayer

5 Therapies Every Doc Needs to Know About

David Carr

Q & A

9:45 - 10:15

AM Coffee Break & Exhibit Viewing


Morning Plenary (Repeated)

10:15 / 11:00

Getting a Grip on the Shakes: Managing Alcohol Withdrawal Like a Pro

Bjug Borgundvaag
10:35 / 11:20

Surviving Sepsis: Management That Won't Send You Into Shock

Sara Gray

Seminars are from 10:15 - 11:00, repeated 11:00 - 11:45


The Amazing Drugs Used to Reverse Bleeding Caused by The Amazing Drugs Used to Reverse Clotting

Walter Himmel

Surviving the Long Road to Tertiary Care: Cases from the Back of an Ambulance

Kylie Bosman

Eagle-Eye CT Head Interpretation

Anton Helman

A Career in Cases: The Ones I Will Never Forget

David Carr

Disrupting your Learning: How to Optimize & Survive in the Wild West of Online Education

Teresa Chan

Tips & Tricks in a Busy ED

Lucas Chartier

Prevent that Desat: Optimizing Your Patient for Intubation

Rachel Poley

Not Everything That is Red & Warm is Cellulitis

Melanie Baimel

Myths, Misconceptions & Misunderstandings: An Examination of Common ED Medications

Maria Ivankovic



Afternoon Plenary

13:30 / 15:30

Controversy & Common Sense in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Anthony Crocco
13:55 / 15:55

The Crashing Obese Patient

Mike Winters
14:30 / 16:20

Ultrasound Hits & Misses: Tales from the Bedside

Greg Hall

Afternoon Workshop 13:30-15:00 repeated 15:30-17:00


ECG Workshop

Amal Mattu

Diagnosis from the Foot of the Bed

Eric Letovsky

Ophthalmology Lab

Herb Tanzer
S. Blair Fearon
Hugh McGowan
Raj Rathee
Kathy Cao

Procedures in Emergency Medicine

Amit Shah

Airway Workshop

Sean Caine
Jamie Blicker
David Homuth
Lucas Chartier
James Brokenshire

Emergency Department Echo (EDE) Workshop

Steve Socransky

ENT Workshop

Leeor Sommer
Dinesh Krishna

Paediatric Procedures

Suzanne Beno
Angelo Mikrogianakis

Chest Tube Workshop

Monika Kapoor
Nadia Farooki
Sam Sabbah

Nerve Blocks

Jordan Chenkin
Rob Simard

Coffee Break & Exhibit Viewing





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Meals and conference materials included.

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